Business model
Business model

KOMEHYO works as a point of “relay-use” by purchasing goods from customers who no longer need them, performing quality checks and maintenance, setting appropriate prices, and finally selling the goods to customers who need them.


We purchase from other second-hand dealers and also include new products as part of our merchandise, in order to provide a broad selection of goods and promote a lively storefront.

Relay use

KOMEHYO's unique "Relay-use" concept is the idea that


“goods complete their full mission,
when they are relayed from person to person ,


and used effectively”.

Komehyo's Business Field

KOMEHYO’s mission is
to bring satisfaction and pleasant surprises to customers with the core concept of “relay-use”.


We do this by determining the original value of the goods
and helping the goods circulate in the market.


Our principle is “buy high to accumulate a broad selection of goods, and sell low to attract customers”. We purchase valuable used goods at fair prices and sell them to customers at reasonable prices. By doing this and keeping a wide selection of merchandise, we contribute to our customer’s prosperity.