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PhoneDirect line:03-5363-9188

Specialized buyers suggest purchasing prices on the spot.

A buyer who is an expert on the product will suggest a no-haggle purchasing price on the spot. We have private-room type valuation counters that protect privacy, as well as a waiting room with a delightful atmosphere, aiming to create a comfortable environment for our customers. Please feel free to visit our purchasing center.

About items to be purchased

  • About items to be purchased

    The Shinjuku Store mainly purchases jewelry, watches and brand name bags/clothing.

  • About the purchasing process

    First time selling an item? Don’t worry. Our expert staff will guide you through the steps. You can view the flow of purchase from when you bring your item, through evaluation to payment. Please feel free to visit our purchasing center!

Store Information

11:00AM - 9:00PM
3-5-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Direct line:0081-3-5363-9188
Purchasing Center:0081-3-5363-9588
Floor Information
  1. 8F Men’s Casual/Outdoor Wear
  2. 7F Imported Brand Name Clothing
  3. 6F Women’s Select Brand Name Clothing
  4. 5F Brand Name Bags and Miscellaneous Goods
  5. 4F Brand Name Jewelry
  6. 3F Jewelry
  7. 2F Brand Name and Casual Watches
  8. 1F Miscellaneous Goods and Accessories
  9. B1F Purchasing Center

Staff Message

Shinjuku Shinjuku Store Purchasing Center has over 150 customers coming in every day, and we evaluate various items including jewelry, precious metal, watches, brand name bags/clothing.
Our buyers are highly specialized in each category of products, and a buyer who has deep knowledge about the product will be evaluating your item.
We have a spacious, lively, open storefront and keep a simplified evaluation system so that first-time customers can feel at ease when they are here. Our friendly staff members are all looking forward to serving you.Receptionist

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