Shinjuku Store 5F Brand Name Bags and Miscellaneous Goods

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Get the brand name bag of your dreams at a reasonable price.

This floor has a wide selection of both new and second-hand items from various brands. A lot of special-priced items are available as well. We design our store so that customers can become more familiar with brand name bags.


  • Hermès

    Premier bags everyone dreams of

    Wide selection of rare models from Birkin and Kelly that can seldom be found even in the directly-managed stores.

  • Louis Vuitton

    Reasonably priced items from the popular brand

    Broad selection from new products, regular line to rare items. Customers can enjoy choosing from the wide selection, including very affordable items.


    Luxury brand with unshakable popularity

    A large number of items are available, from casual bags to wallets, accessories, and luxury bags made of top quality leather.

  • Other brands

    Looking for a quality second-hand item?

    We offer a wide selection of big name brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Fendi, and trending brands such as Goyard and Dior.

Store Information

11:00AM - 9:00PM
3-5-6, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Direct line:0081-3-5363-9188
Purchasing Center:0081-3-5363-9588
Floor Information
  1. 8F Men’s Casual/Outdoor Wear
  2. 7F Imported Brand Name Clothing
  3. 6F Women’s Select Brand Name Clothing
  4. 5F Brand Name Bags and Miscellaneous Goods
  5. 4F Brand Name Jewelry
  6. 3F Jewelry
  7. 2F Brand Name and Casual Watches
  8. 1F Miscellaneous Goods and Accessories
  9. B1F Purchasing Center

Staff Message

We have reasonably priced items from quality brands such as Hermès, CHANEL and Louis Vuitton. We aim to design the floor in a way that customers who purchase second-hand items for the first time can feel comfortable and satisfied.Brand Name Bags and Miscellaneous Goods staff

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